How To Lose 40 Lbs In 4 Months?

To lose 40 lbs in 4 months, you will have to lose 2 ½ pounds per week. It is an achievable goal provided you are strict with the diet and exercise routine. How much ever effort you put in your gym, it will not help you lose weight if you are not strict with your diet. The key to weight loss is burning more calories than you burn. The diet you consume should contain all the nutrients in balanced proportions. Starving will not only lead to nutrient deficiencies but it will also make your body store fat.

A healthy diet should not contain any processed or refined food. You always should have your diet in the right portion. Nutrisystem is a well known diet program that delivers portion controlled meals to your doorstep. In the first month of joining the diet program, you will be asked to follow Turbo 13 plan which claims to offer up to 13 lbs and 7 inches of weight loss. Men following this plan will be able to lose up to 15 lbs and 7 inches in the first month. The plan delivers a turbo takeoff kit in the first week which contains specially prepared weight loss meals, bars and shakes that are geared to accelerate the weight loss process in the dieters. This newly launched program will help you kick start your weight loss journey.

It is recommended that you leave half of your plat for filling with fruits and vegetables. Keep rewarding yourself for every pound you lose as this will help you reach your goal fast with ease. When you hit a plateau, it is natural get frustrated; you can give a break to your weight loss journey and start afresh after you recover. However, keep up your habits while still ignoring the scale. You will find some weight loss after a few months once you check again with your scale.…


Why getting the right information about puberty is so important

Kids today are exposed to a lot of information thanks to the internet and they do not think twice to experiment the half-knowledge that they have. Puberty and sex education is thus very important to give to your kid to save him or her from getting into any trouble.

Stop your period once it starts is not possible. Today the TV and the internet exposes kids to so much information about sex that by the time they enter puberty they know a lot beforehand and have started having many ideas as well. Yet it is very important that parents talk to their kids about puberty because not all the information that the kid may have will be from a reliable source.

Do not wait for your child to come and ask you about the changes that he or she is experiencing in his body. This may never happen if your child is not comfortable that he or she can share these issues with you. As a parent, you should start early to discuss the changes that happen in the child’s body. Most of the discussion will then start to revolve around the queries that the child has.

It is very important that all these discussions about puberty and sex should be answered openly and honestly. But do not wait for your child to come up to you with these questions. Before your kid turns 8 years old he or she should be aware of the physical changes that will happen in his body. The child should also be made aware of the emotional changes that he or she will go through.

It is highly recommended that you start to discuss these topics with your kids as early as possible. This will save them from any wrong information from the internet or from their peer groups.…


Family Member In Hospital Work Excuse

Most of the employers understand the family emergencies and how they would interrupt your work at office. There are many employers as well who are strict about finishing the work on time or missing work. Therefore, it is important that you understand the expectation of your employer and how to convince him to miss work for a day or two. What is a family emergency?

A family emergency is something that occurs unexpected in your family which mostly relates to the ill health of close family members like your wife, mother, father and children. Common family emergencies include sick wife, sick children, hospitalized parents or death in the family. If it is someone’s death in the family you will have to explain to your boss about the loss and how much time you would need to return to work. The leave is usually granted based on the relationship between the deceased and the employer. Check to learn about the excuses that fall under family emergency category.

Even motor accidents fall under family emergency category where your dear one is hospitalized for treatment. Depending on the degree of injury you can request leave from your boss. If there are serious injuries you can take time off from work to attend to the person and help him or her to recover. Likewise, if any of your dependents like your mother or children are met with a car accident, you will be allowed to take leave from work till they recover. The same way, you can avail leave from office if you your children are sick and when you have to stay at home to take care of him or her. Irrespective of the reason, you must know how to present your situation at its best that would instantly convince your boss and fetch leave.…


5 Habits Of Highly Fit People

People look for easy ways to get fit. In reality, getting fit is not a simple process and does not have a quick fix. Therefore, how the highly healthy and fit people continue to stay fit? What do they do in their lifestyle to stay fit and healthy? Have a glance of the following.

Set goals

You can cover 1000 miles only with single steps. This is truly applicable to fitness as well. When you set goals that are realistic and achievable in short terms, you will be able to accomplish your goals. Fit people do not get disturbed if they miss out a workout yesterday. They concentrate on the present and do things to achieve the goals. Therefore, as you move forward in your fitness journey always focus on the present than brooding over the past.

If you are not sure about following your own diet plan, you can go for diet programs like Nutrisystem, Medifast, Weight Watchers which have a proven track record. Nutirsystem has been in the fitness field for over 45 years and delivers prepackaged diet foods at the dieters’ doorstep. Medifast is also an equally acclaimed weight loss program which mainly offers replacement meals. Have a look at the comparison article at to know the similarities and differences among the diet planners.

Avoid junk foods

Fit people avoid storing junk foods at home. They know that storing junk foods will only gain them a few inches around the waistline. They see to that they do not buy junk food items for their kids too. Therefore, remove food items such as cookies, chips, pastries, candies, prepackaged snacks and any such junk foods from your house. Instead fill the shelf with furits, vegetables and snacks made out of whole foods.


Having enough sleep is highly required to stay fit and healthy. Sleep deprivation brings in a lot of health conditions and at times even death. Fit people ensure that they get enough sleep to carry out the tasks of the following day with zeal. It is essential that you sleep at least 8 hours in the night to revive your skin and the body. At the same time, sleeping beyond 8 hours is also not recommended.

Do not binge

Fit people stop eating when they feel full; in fact they prefer eating in limited portions. Some people have the habit of clearing the plate irrespective of the quantity served. It is not advisable to stuff your stomach with food more than what you actually require. Therefore, practice portion control.…


Useful Tips To Keep Your Hair Healthy Before A Drug Test

With so many articles and blogs about drugs and drug test, we should now be aware of the fact that it is the urine and the hair follicles that first speak about the presence of these harmful substances in our body. Again as specified here, these drugs need not necessarily be the harmful ones for there are also boosters and enhancers which come under this category but they are still considered drugs and people get to undergo tests for even these. So in such situations how can a person try and escape the hair test which is considered one of the most common tests conducted for detecting drugs in a person`s body? Here are few tips that would help a person in passing this test successfully.

  • First and foremost get to know the information about how and when the tests would be conducted because the detoxing methods and modes depend on the time of the test. There are methods that would help you detox your hair in less than one or two days and so it is very important to know the time of the test.
  • Next, try and check for the most commonly tested drugs. This would clarify the fact about whether a person who has been taking a particular drug would actually come under the test.
  • Based on this information try and search for methods that would help you escape and come out clean from the test with negative
  • Generally, since these drugs show their presence on the tip of the hair follicles, the ends might be cut short. This way the presence of the dug is completely taken off from the hair.

I love this technique for passing a drug test because this is very simple at the same time there is nothing that the user needs to do apart from just chopping off the ends.…


Why Health Experts Recommend Exercise Bikes

There are a number of equipments to help one get some exercise on a regular basis, these days. While everyone pays a lot of attention to the weights and other equipment that focus on each body part, the exercise bike is overlooked.

Exercise bikes are highly recommended by many health experts. Here are some reasons why it is good for you:

Burns Calories

Half an hour on this stationary bike is good enough to burn a good number of calories. When this is done on a regular basis, it helps you burn calories continuously and keeps your weight in check. A good cardio workout on a regular basis is essential to losing weight, in addition to exercises focusing on the problem areas.

Protects Joints

Since you are not running on any rough terrain playing a sport that involves rough impact, your joints will not be affected. When you are playing a sport or are running on the road, immaterial of the shoes you use, your joints will suffer a little wear and tear over a period of time, due to the impact. However, while you are cycling on a stationary bike neither is there any pressure exerted nor is there any impact, thus making this very joint friendly.


Though riding a bicycle on the road can be a better exercise, you cannot do so at all times of the day, you will have to factor in the weather conditions and also your time availability. If you are a long phone call, you can attend it and cycle on this stationary bike at the same time, whereas this is not possible on a real bicycle.

Similarly, you can use this at any time of the day and can stop your workout midway, unlike a real bicycle where you will have to come back to your starting point and only stop the routine.

There are a number of exercise bikes available in the market today. Ensure you read through a few Exercise Bikes Review before you can invest in one.


The Health Benefits Of A Good Workout

Come on, you have to agree that those who workout not only look better but are healthier and more confident and even happier in most cases. What is it about exercise that once you get hooked on it you are unable to give it up. Let’s find out.

  1. Welcome, a healthy heart: When you exercise you are actually taking care of your heart and ensuring that coronary heart disease doesn’t raise its ugly hood in your life. A healthier heart means more blood circulation and more energy. It really doesn’t matter what form of workout you do as long as you are on the move constantly and are doing some exercise every day.
  2. Sleep like a baby: If you have sleep issues you must exercise because it strengthens the circadian rhythms, as a result, you not only sleep on time but also sleep long and well. A well-rested mind ushers in new confidence and greater clarity which will be visible in your work and general day to day activities.
  3. Look towards an elephantine memory: Experts state that those who exercise especially runners and swimmers have a bigger hippocampus which is an important part of the brain for memory. No more incidences of lost keys and passwords once you start a regular workout routine.
  4. Bye Bye common cold: All viruses and other diseases always attack when you have a low immunity system. When you exercise daily you are ensuring that your immune system is in peak form and can handle any attack on your system confidently and efficiently leaving you with lesser sick days and greater productivity.
  5. Runaway fatigue: It is a wrong notion that exercise induces fatigue. In reality, it is just the opposite as according to studies there is a 20% increase in energy levels even when you go for a leisurely stroll.

For any further reference on how to keep yourself fit check out


Rules About Detoxing Healthy that You Need To Know

Detox is a way of removing impurities and toxins from your body. Though there are a number of medications and drugs available in the market, to help in easy and effective detoxing, there are certain rules to be followed and precautions to be taken. If you are looking for the best way to detox before a drug test, here are some ideas:

Avoid Black Tea/ Coffee

While you can load up on liquids, reduce your intake of black tea or coffee. Herbal tea is a better choice as it will strengthen your kidneys and help it function better.  Black tea, black coffee or even alcohol in a body that has less than the regular amount of food and other items, will increase your adrenaline and may result in hypertension. It will also dehydrate your body rather than flushing out the toxins.


Drink up at least a liter or two of water a day. Though one can suffer from water intoxication, one or two liters a day will not cause that state. When you drink a lot of water, it helps in flushing out toxins and hydrates your body from within.

Fresh Juice

When plain water gets too boring, have plenty of fresh juices. Avoid canned juices as they are high on preservatives and sugar. Fresh juices don’t require any additional sugar and the nutritional value will help in making you healthier as you flush out toxins from your body.

Fruits And Vegetables

Ensure you consume five portions of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. This will increase your vitamin and fiber content in the body. Try to change your diet in such a way that 60% of your plate is filled with vegetables when you have a meal. Switch your snacks to fruits. This will ensure your body is well energized and you detox the right way.…


Powerful Tips To Help You Diet Better and Healthier

Weight loss can be a very difficult thing for many and it is because of this that all these days they have been in the habit of eating everything and anything and now they would be restricted from eating whatever they feel like. This is probably the major problem in every diet plan. There are many effective ways in which you can actually make your diet plan do things right for you. It is just that you need to follow few small but very simple tips that would help you in sticking to your diet plan.

  • First and foremost get your sugar levels checked. This is mandatory because your diet plan needs to be according to this; something that should be affecting or hindering your rocket high sugar levels if it is so for you. So the first thing a diet plan would take into consideration is your sugar levels.
  • Secondly, try to include foods that are high in fiber. Because these would help you burn all the extras when you are in a workout session faster and easier. So foodstuff that is hi-fiber ones is one good and a mandatory ingredient of a healthy diet plan.
  • Try to include foodstuff that is high in protein. One reason for this specific food is that it is high in protein that helps the body in staying strong. Another reason is that they try to keep us full for a longer period of time so that we do not go and hit our dining tables very often.

Understand the Nutrisystem vs Medifast cost, taste, and menu and this would be a great addition and a supporter of your diet plan. These are healthy and recommended health supplements that greatly help a person in his weight reduction process. So modify your diet plan to include one of these that suits you the best.…


Saudis Are Finding Their Soul Mate Through Marriage Sites

Loneliness is a punishment:

My friend Ayesha, 38 years has lived single for more than twelve years of her life. she stays in Saudi Arabia and each time we come online to chat, she says that sometimes she is so lonely that she cries herself to sleep.

Ayesha has been a divorcee and she has had no children. She did not care to get married again because she was in an active work life. A couple of years ago, Ayesha quit work to dedicate herself to social service. She works with a couple of NGOs in her city who work for the downtrodden in the community itself.

Ever since she quit her corporate job she says that she has a great satisfaction of serving the poor but when she hates coming back to an empty house. I have been trying to convince her to get married again and almost two years later she has only warmed up to the idea.

There are websites galore for Muslim men and women:

It may sound like only a recent development but a simple search exercise on the internet will throw up at least a hundred websites. The sheer number shows that there is a big number of people who are interested in marriage either for the first time or because they lost their partners to death or divorce.

It is an encouraging sign:

Muslim society is conservative but if Muslim men and women are open to the idea of using the internet and its tools to find their soul mate there is nothing and I stress nothing absolutely that is wrong with it. I have strongly recommended مواقع زواج to Ayesha and I know for sure on browsing that she may like a couple of profiles out there. They are all so interesting and the best part about the site is that it keeps the member’s information secret and confidential and the information is shared only after the expressed consent of the member. I think it is a brilliant idea. I hope Ayesha finds her soul mate here and soon!


Losing Weight The Healthy Way

Gaining weight more than what is required is deemed unhealthy as it results in health problems and leads to psychological problems. Thus, it is essential to maintain a healthy weight and shed the extra kilos. Losing weight can be a challenge and sometimes people adopt drastic measures by going under the knife, which will result in side effects at a later stage in life. Hence, it is advised that whenever you plan to lose weight, do it the natural way.

Here are some ways by which you can lose weight naturally.

  1. Have the first meal of the day soon after you wake up as this provides energy to sustain the rest of the day.
  2. Involve in healthy diets such as a protein diet, liquid diet, fibre diet, fruit diet, vegetable diet or vegan diet.
  3. Do not involve in unhealthy diets such as carbohydrate rich diet, fat rich diet or gluten rich diet.
  4. Learn to chew your food slowly instead of swallowing it up quickly.
  5. Drink water at least 20 to 30 minutes before every meal.
  6. Avoid eating out instead go for simple home-cooked
  7. Say no to aerated drinks.
  8. Switch your eating habits from refined white sugar, white flour and full-fat milk to brown sugar, wheat flour, and low-fat milk respectively.
  9. Add natural supplements or diet pills to aid weight loss. Some of the most effective and natural diet supplements can be found on Golias.
  10. Undertake some form of physical activity such as walking, jogging, running, swimming, yoga, strength training or any other workout and add it to your everyday routine.

Good health is the most important aspect in everyone’s life without which you will not be able to enjoy life to the fullest. Good health also promotes happy living and better standards of living in general.…


Take the Health risk away from enhancement pills

I was scared the first time!

The first time I swallowed a blue pill, I was scared. I felt nausea and slightly feverish in the beginning and I know immediately that something was wrong. I called 911 for help who came immediately. I had to be taken to the poison control unit and my body detoxified.

The doctors gave me hell firing:

I was later accosted in the ward by my doctor who had guessed what had happened and how I had administered the pills. He was enraged when I told him that they were sourced from some obscure online pharmacy. He told me something that makes me shake even today. He said if you were not brought here in time the pill could have proved fatal for you, remember that.

Online shopping is fraught with risks:

This I learned the hard way and how!

I was in the hospice for more than two months and I repented using my freedom to only bring about the worst to me. The internet pharmacies that claim to sell quick fixes in the name of enhancement pills must be taken with an extra generous amount of caution. A lot any of them are fraudsters who are trying to get away with trying to sell fake, substandard or expired pills and get away from the scene as soon as their legs can carry them.

And who will suffer?

If you are going for an enhancement pill, I would suggest that you talk to a doctor who will guide you in the right direction.  Fortunately, I had a proper consultation with my doctor and he prescribed pills that have proved quite effective in the long run. Initially, I didn’t find any big difference though!

Once bitten twice shy:

I only use vigrx plus. I am assured that this is the right one for me. I wish I had taken a little precaution in the first time itself!


Ways Male Enhancement Supplements Will Help You Get More Healthy

Health is important for any man or women. If health is lost, then there is nothing you can gain, but if health is well, all is well and can be well. If you think that you can buy anything with money, then you need to re-think, money can never buy you good health. all you can do is, to maintain the existing health and maybe lower the risk of ill-health.

We often neglect this main factor and later feel for it. Stressful life, workaholic attitude leads to a more alow health concern, leading to all sorts of ailments. These days, we find many people finding it difficult to conceive, and have problems in both males and females. Females have various problems related to hormones, PCOD, thyroid and lower sex hormone levels, which will never allow them to hold a progeny. On the other hand, men have lower testosterone levels that impact their sperm counts and lower their libido, performance in the bed and much more, hindering an arm of the married life.

So, how can you reverse your hormones, back to normal? Following a lifestyle that aims at proper nutrition; good sleep and staying active for 3-4 days a week; consistently, can take you to longer ways, healing your health and making you feel energetic, younger and better.

Women lower hormone imbalance can be treated with many medicines and therapies, there are ways that can completely cure the scenario, while the men need a longer time to balance the hormones. So, the sooner you find out and start the therapy the better. Therearemanysupplements that improve testosterone levels; my male enhancement supplements are fantastic, and I am happy that I took the right decision at the right time. Along with some exercise and the above advised healthy lifestyle can have a positive impact for longer!…


Biggest Dieting Mistakes

Dieting is not an easy task. With a lot of food around you that never cease to tempt you and all those people who are somehow eating everything you love and crave for, at the very wrong time, dieting can be more difficult than imagined.

I have never been able to get much out of my diet, hence took help from Phenq. I get my Phenq from this site, and it has really helped me shed a few pounds faster than any diet I have followed so far.

Despite all your efforts, is your diet not helping you to lose that stubborn weight? Here are some big dieting mistakes you could be making:

Wrong Diet

Are you following a diet that is suitable for you? Different diets have different effects on people. If you have some allergy or intolerance to certain foods; even a little of those included in your diet could be harming you rather than helping you.

Wrong Quantity

One may get fascinated by the sheer quantity some people claim to eat on the internet, and still stay thin. Never get influenced by those flat abs or lean muscular body posting photos of 3 plates of fruits for breakfast. Though it is a very healthy option, the quantity may not be suitable for you.

You should be able to burn more than what you eat, in order to lose weight. When you exercise them and have a metabolism like them, you can imitate their diet. Consult a dietician to come with a plan for your body type.

Wrong Timing

The time you eat your food makes a lot of difference. Even if you have cut out carbs from your diet completely and have replaced it with full protein, etc, you need to eat it at the right time. having a full protein dinner at 10:30 in the night when you are going to hit the bed at 11 or 11:30, will not help you lose weight.…


Make Your Beard Maintenance Easier

The popularity of beards shows that beards are truly the mark of a man. They come in all shapes and sizes. Grooming your facial hair has gained more importance in the recent past than any other time in history.Maintaining a beard is important not only for looks but also to keep bread ruff away and for personal hygiene.


Curls, straight, wild or well-groomed – beards of all types need to be properly moisturized to keep the hair from becoming brittle and rough. You can moisturize your beard using a good quality beard growth oil that not only moisturizes but also conditions the skin under the beard and removes dead skin cells in the process.The oil will reduce breakage and give your beard a fuller look.Always look for natural ingredients in the beard oil and avoid silicone at all costs; it has no nutritive value and is not considered safe.

Healthy diet

Facial hair and the hair on your head require the same things to thrive – vitamin A, B1, B6, C, Biotin, Niacin, Zinc and Omega 3. You need not take supplements but eat a balanced diet with plenty of vegetables and fruits. Supplement only that which your diet doesn’t provide- especially for vegans and vegetarians who do not eat dairy and fish and meat.

Regular Grooming

It is not enough if you have a bulky bushy beard which is unruly and wild. For that attractive look, you need to ensure that the beard is uniform and neat. Hence, use a shampoo or a beard wash at least twice a week if not more regularly. Use a clipper and trimmer judiciously; begin by using a trimmer from under the neck upwards. Clip away any long or extra hair. Make sure the beard blends seamlessly with the sideburns.

And finally, remember your hair will grow at its own pace and you need to be patient. Always make sure that the style you choose suits your hair texture and length. Maintaining an attractive beard is not hard at all.…


New Article Reveals The Low Down On HCG

The HCG diet has been doing the rounds for a while now. This diet claims to help weight loss of close to 2 pounds every day. Whenever we adopt a weight loss programme, the first thing that starts bothering us is the continuous craving to eat something. These hunger pangs will never bother you while you are on an HCG diet.

HCG Diet Enhances Body Composition

Did you know that one of the commonest problems associated with weight loss is the loss of muscle mass? We do want to lose weight but we definitely do not want to look lanky. The loss of muscle mass mostly happens when we are on a diet that restricts calorie intake. The body starts feeling that starvation is on and thus reduces fat burn so that energy is conserved.

However, when you are on an HCG diet, you will only lose fat stores and not muscle mass. Your hormones will be balanced, your metabolism will be boosted and your system will improve in a short span of time.

The Diet Recommendation

The HCG complex is good for helping you lose weight and that is why doctors recommend that you take the right dosage. There are three phases of taking this complex.

  1. Loading Phase, in which you have to start consuming HCG along with high-fat and high-calorie foods.
  2. The second is the weight loss phase in which you have to take HCG along with only 500 calories of food for 6 weeks.
  3. The third is the Maintenance Phase in which you finally stop consuming HCG and increase your quantity of food while avoiding starch and sugar.

People who do not need to lose too much weight will need close to 3 weeks to reach their desired structure. For obese people, it might take up to 6 weeks to show results.…



The statistics quote that out of every 10 people who try to lose weight not more than 2 actually succeed. The main reason for this is that fad diets do not last long, nor do the so-called ‘Magic pills’ actually manage to deliver what they promise.

This is the main reason everyone needs to know about Phen375 health. This is one of the most powerful diet pills that one can find without a prescription. The best part is that this pill makes no false claims about making you slim overnight or any such promises. It is best for all those who need that little help in losing weight along with efforts from their end as well. I love Phen375 and would recommend it in a heartbeat.

How Phen375 works?

One of its main actions is that it is an appetite suppressant. Which is crucial, as dealing with the hunger pangs in any diet is one of the most difficult parts. This pill helps you feel less hungry, because of which you tend to crave unhealthy food much lesser.

Also since your appetite is suppressed, you also feel full of smaller quantities of food. This is like half the battle won. Also, when you feel satisfied with smaller quantities of food, you tend to reduce your chances of overeating.

The pill also has a thermogenic effect. It is a known fact that with increased body temperature the metabolism also increases. This pill helps in gently increasing the body temperature, which invariably increases the metabolism that tends to burn more calories without even doing anything.

This means that even when you are doing nothing but just lying down, your body can still burn a whole lot of additional calories.

Yet another advantage of this pill is that it provides the body with a boost of energy. Unlike fad diets that deprive you of all energy and leave you feeling weak, Phen375 provides that boost of energy that is required as stimulation for workouts.…


Long Term Knee Injury Problems

A lot of people complain of chronic knee pain which can be due to long term swelling, pain, sensitivity in the knees. Such long term knee injuries can be caused due to various conditions and for each of these conditions, a specific treatment is done. At times, you can be advised to use an adjustable knee brace as a part of treatment.

Not everyone with a chronic knee pain will have same kind of experiences.

You should not confuse chronic knee pain with a temporary knee pain because chronic knee pain does not go away so easily unless it is treated properly and there can be multiple conditions due to which the knee is suffering whereas a temporary knee pain can be caused due to an accident or some injury.

There are several factors which can worsen a long term knee injury:

  • If the structure of the knee gets injured which can result into swelling and bleeding then over a period of time it can become a chronic issue if no treatment is done on time.
  • Overuse of knees, sprains or any sort of infection can also worsen the condition.
  • While doing any physical activity, if you do not follow the right postures, even then it can impact your knee injury.
  • If you do not warm up or cool down before and after any sort of physical workout, then you will hurting your knees more.
  • Be careful while stretching the muscles because if it is not done in a proper way even then your chronic knee condition will worsen.

People suffering from obesity or overweight have higher chances of suffering from knee problems.  With every pound of being overweight, the knee has to absorb 4 pounds of extra pressure while walking, running or climbing stairs.

Also, with growing age, chances of having knee pain increases. If you already have a history of injuries even then you must be careful.…


Accessible STD Tests For Quick And Easy Answer To Your Problem

Sexually transmitted diseases or STD has become significantly general medical issue among the youngsters. Not diagnosing STD or not getting tested for this can lead to exposure to HIV. Millions of cases are diagnosed with STD every year and majority of this is among the young adults. STD in female can lead to premature delivery, genital cancer, infertility, and mostly the most dangerous disease of all, HIV.

Some of the easily types of STD tests are:

  • Determining chlamydia or gonorrhoea.
  • Another basic test which includes chlamydia, gonorrhoea, and grichomonas.
  • 5 of the most common home tested STDS are chlamydia, gonorrhoea, trichomonas, HIV, and syphilis.
  • The last one is comprehensive STD test panel which include testing for bacterial or viral infections and these are chlamydia, gonorrhoea, trichomoniasis, syphilis grandnerella, mycoplasma, ureaplasma, herpes simplex, herpes simplex II.

There are a lot of quick and easy ways to get tested for STD. Most of them don’t hurt. Let’s discuss how some of them are done:

  • Blood test- By making a small prick or by withdrawing blood by the doctor or nurse.
  • Urine test- A small cup is given to collect urine.
  • Cheek swab- A soft swab is used to rub the inside of your cheeks to take the sample.
  • Physical exam- A doctor or nurse examine genitals for any abnormal rashes, inflammation or discharge.
  • Swabbing to collect samples from your genitals, throat, or cervix.
  • Sores testing- Collecting fluids from blisters or sores with the help of a slab.

Different STDs might have similar symptoms, so it is better to get tested to determine an infection. Some of them show STD symptoms but some don’t show, hence it is better to get tested anyway. Physicians will be able to easily confirm whether or not you have STD. HIV tests are done rapidly. Other tests take few days or weeks. Always make sure you follow-up with your doctor regarding the results rather than assuming that everything is fine.…


What is the process of a urine drug test?

Any sort of drug screen or drug test could put you under stress. You might feel intimidated and even tense even if you have not consumed anything illegal.  This test is painless although the procedure could be time consuming in some cases. These urine drug tests are performed for both doctor prescribed medication or even the illegal drugs. You need to visit a lab or medical center where you could take these tests. The drug tests are performed on urine, blood and sometimes even finger nails, hair or saliva too. It essentially depends upon the situation and requirement.

The procedure is quite simple –

You need to leave all your belongings including your mobile, purse and even keep your pockets empty at the time of the test.

You have to pick up a specimen cup from the reception. The cup needs to be sterile and needs to be labeled with a unique id of yours. There are cases where a nurse will accompany you to the rest room supervise and I got fake urine after reading this.

You need to wipe off gently the genital area with the moist cloth provided.

You need to follow the procedure and pass urine in the cup provided. The minimum acceptable quantity is somewhere around 45 mm for a sample.

When you are done, close the lid of the cup and place it in the rack the technician specifies. The date or time when the results will be out will be intimated to you and you have to wait until then! There are some places where the results are instant and they put it on the web with password protection where only the user can see his results. All the tests are confidential and are password protected unless otherwise stated. The physical test certificate could be collected or you could make a print out from the website.



Ways To Detect Marijuana Presence In Your Body

Marijuana or Cannabis is an illegal drug in most of the countries and therefore, no matter, whether you are an intentional consumer or an influential consumer, your company or the workplace has every right to dismiss you from the job, for which it is necessary to understand the different ways followed to detect the presence of the drug in your body so that you could be well prepared to thwart the adversities in an unsuspecting manner.

Before we discuss the various detecting ways, it is important for you to understand that the presence of the drug in your body could be detected either by checking for the ‘parent drug’ aka the “Tetrahydrocannabinol’ or the ‘THC’ or by testing for the drug metabolites, where the latter can prove you guilty as charged even days after your actual drug usage.

  • Urine Test

Being a non-invasive and a non-expensive method this is the most commonly preferred method in the workplace to check your innocence, as it is also an accurate method that can detect the presence of the marijuana by checking the metabolites. But, thankfully there are different simple ways to camouflage the presence of drugs in the urine that can save you from facing the disapproval.

  • Blood Test

Although an expensive method, this can give the accurate result as it can detect both the THC and the metabolites, as early as few hours from the drug usage. But, if you are offered a chance then, you shouldn’t hesitate to reject this method over the others as camouflaging the presence of the drug in your blood is not possible.

  • Saliva Test

Although this test is much simpler and non-invasive, even when compared to the urine test, it can only detect the presence of the ‘parent drug’ in the body within few hours, say 4-10 hours after the usage, making it a not so reliable method.  Hence, if you can buy some time you can easily clear the test and stay away from the embarrassments.

  • Hair Test

This method can detect the presence of the marijuana in your body even approximately 3 months after the usage as it is based on testing the drug metabolites present in the hair follicles that have been filtered from the blood vessels of the scalp. But, if you are asked to test for this method in your workplace you need not worry, as this shampoo removes THC from your hair and helps you pass the test clean!…


Secrets To My Radiant And Healthy Smile

Prevention is always better than cure:

When I was young, I hated the grueling practice of brushing my teeth two times. Much as I wanted to, I could never muster enough courage nor even be able to slyly escape from the ever observant eyes of mommy dearest!

Mom was a disciplinarian:

Mum was a disciplinarian in the strictest meaning of the word. There was nothing that was bad and could get away from her roving eyes. She had to have all her four children brush their teeth two times, dress up after a compulsory wash in the morning and seat themselves at the table exactly in time for the grace. Playtime, study time all was fixed and she hated if the routine was ever messed up with. The bedtime routine was fixed with brushing the teeth and changing into pajamas and reading a compulsory two pages of a book that she placed beside our bed before kissing her goodnight and dozing off.

Now, the effort is showing:

I must confess and I still feel about this that I pretty much hated mom and her disciplinarian attitude till I had children of my own. I tried to be a lenient mother but in time I realized that if I was giving in too much I was taken for a jolly good ride by them!

I got my dentures very late in life:

I was well into my seventies when my dentures were made.  At the dentist’s clinic, my dentist was in awe of my good dental health and I revealed to him it was all because of my mother’s strictures when we were young. My first dentures were not so perfect mainly because I had this problem f them falling out of my mouth or loosening whenever I tried chewing with them on.

The new glue helped:

With a little help from a pharmacist friend who studied with me in college, I came to know about this new denture adhesive that was very effective. I tried it and thank god that I tried! The glue is so effective that my dentures do not move out even an inch until I want to remove them voluntarily. Now, nobody knows I use dentures. And I dare not tell them!



Speech therapy

Speech therapy

All of us are familiar with the word therapy. Therapy is generally a remedy of healing or providing relief from a disorder. Therapy in healthcare can be of many types: Occupational, physical, speech, respiratory, radiation, dance movement, music, massage, psycho and behavioural therapy. Here we will discuss on speech therapy.

Speech Therapy

There is a growing need to know more on speech therapy. Many kids are diagnosed with autism, behavioural symptoms of which speech delay is the main criteria. This therapy is also helpful to adults after a stroke, brain injury, lisp and any speech impediments.

Speech therapy in kids

Continuous sessions of therapy are required for training the kids in vocabulary, social and play skills, conversation and behaviour. The therapist interacts with the child on a one on one basis or as a whole in a class room. He communicates with the child through talking, playing, using flash cards, objects and books to encourage language development. Other methods include: physically showing the child how to spell out words by pronouncing the correct sounds by movement of the tongue exercise for the muscles in the vocal chords through facial massages, exercise for lip, tongue and jaw.

Speech therapy in adults

Speech problems in adults are usually due to injury in the brain, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, swallowing difficulties or communication difficulties. The therapist assesses the problem, gives a diagnosis and plans how to work the therapy. Reading practice is the first and foremost method that one can start with. Start by reading small sentences, picture words is also an ideal way to connect the word with a picture and practice the sounds. Move to the next level by showing videos. The patient tries to break down the words and imitate the sound shown in the video. Therapy can be made interesting by bringing in words puzzles and games.

It is always mistaken that speech therapy is only for kids, but these disorders occur to all age groups. However, there are a lot of activities and exercises to correct this issue. Following what the speech therapist suggests and doing the appropriate therapy helps.



Options To Consider When You Want To Get Your Floors Cleaned

Not a very glamorous job, we agree!
Housekeeping in general and floor cleaning per se do not sound like fun things to do, we agree. But you have to do what you have to do. in order to have safe indoor living, it is important that you take care of the carpets and the tiles on your floor for the simple reason that soil, dirt and mold accumulates on the soft areas of the carpets and in the hard area like the tiled floors, dust and dirt accumulation happens in the form of grout which accumulates in the joints of the tiles. This can be a frustrating thing to remove if you have it getting accumulated on for some years.

Grout not only spoils the aesthetics of the floor but is extremely dangerous for health as well. Now if you are someone who can do the job a little at a time, this is what we recommend.

  • Draw up a housekeeping chart:

You can get the format for a housekeeping chart from any of the housekeeping sites on the internet. The form is in the PDF format and is therefore easiest to print as well. the chart will tell you how often in a week you can spend considerably less time on cleaning pretty much everything without having this feeling that you are working around the house till eternity.

  • Call in a professional cleaners:

Professional cleaners in your area can do a thorough deep cleaning job and leave you with a contrastingly clean carpet. You can do this exercise as often as in six months.

  • Call in family based cleaner:

The place I live in, there is a small family that runs a business. These tile cleaners in Las Vegas are very efficient and do not cost as much as the professional ones. All the same the quality of their work is excellent. I am definitely recommending them.

  • Remove and relay:

In case you think that cleaning the carpet or deep cleaning the floors is really not your job, then soon enough you may have to peel the carpet or break the floor and relay a new one. This is the last resort and the most costly too.…


Top 5 Reasons For Using The Miracle Argan Oil

If you are weary of applying the various chemical infused products on your skin, you now have an organic alternative- the Argan oil.

It is extracted from the nuts of the Argan tree found commonly in Morocco.  The immense popularity of the oil is due to the fact that it is rich in vitamin C, E and A. It is extremely beneficial for the skin and hair as it is loaded with omega 6 fatty acids, antioxidants and linoleic acid.

Though priced higher than other beauty oils, below are some of the benefits of the miracle oil that make it worth the money:

  • Moisturizer

If your regular moisturizer is not giving you good results, switch over to argan oil.  The vitamin E and fatty acid present in the oil will make your skin soft and supple.

It is non greasy and gets easily absorbed by the skin. It is ideal for people with sensitive skin as it all natural and does not cause any irritation.

  • Conditioner

Say goodbye to dull and frizzy hair with regular use of argan oil. You are sure to notice the difference within a short span of time as your hair will be silkier and softer.

As it is non greasy, you can use it as a leave in conditioner. For treating very dry hair, you can massage the hair with argan oil and leave it overnight. Argan oil is also good for treating dandruff and split ends.

  • Anti aging

If you want to fight the early signs of aging, include argan oil to your daily skin care routine. As it is rich in anti oxidants, it helps to restore the elasticity of your skin and makes it feel softer and plumper.

  • Acne

Greasy and oily products can exacerbate acne. As argan oil is non-greasy it helps to soothe the affected area and promote faster healing.

  • Stretch marks

Pregnant women can greatly benefit from the use of argan oil as it is rich in vitamin E. It helps to increase skin elasticity and provide protection against stretch marks and sagging skin.…


The Natural And Soothing Teeth Whitening Mouthwash From Kent

Do you think your smile lacks the shine to create that first impression? Have you tried and failed with the teeth whitening toothpastes in the market? The latest teeth whitening product from Kent is a solution for all such issues. And the best part is that it combines the goodness of nature as aloe Vera extract to soothe your gums after each mouth wash.

The ingredients

Teeth whitening Kent is an organic product which offers you multiple benefits along with teeth whitening and tartar removal. The main ingredients are:

  • Food-grade Hydrogen Peroxide as the teeth whitening agent
  • Aloe Vera extract as a smoothening agent
  • Natural flavoring extracts from lemon, peppermint and clove
  • Orange extracts to enhance tartar removal

The mouthwash is free from any allergens, artificial foaming agents and glycerin and is safety certified.

Benefits offered by the Teeth whitening mouthwash

  • With two 10 second-long rinses daily, the mouthwash brings back the natural white color of the teeth with enamel restoration in just four weeks.
  • Being organic, it is gentle on the gums and oral tissues and does not cause any burning sensation.
  • The natural flavors in the mouthwash remove bad breath and give you a fresh smell and feeling that lasts for 12 hours.
  • It helps in removing tartar and plaque naturally without damaging the tooth nerves. The action is mild and gentle, though slower than clinical removal.
  • Restores overall oral health and reduces tooth sensitivity.

Our product is available as an over the counter medicine and also on the online merchant sites. The mouth wash comes in bottles of two sizes and also as small sachet, specially designed for use in travel. The product should be used after consultation with a physician in special medical cases such as chronic illness, pregnancy and lactation.