There are a number of equipments to help one get some exercise on a regular basis, these days. While everyone pays a lot of attention to the weights and other equipment that focus on each body part, the exercise bike is overlooked.

Exercise bikes are highly recommended by many health experts. Here are some reasons why it is good for you:

Burns Calories

Half an hour on this stationary bike is good enough to burn a good number of calories. When this is done on a regular basis, it helps you burn calories continuously and keeps your weight in check. A good cardio workout on a regular basis is essential to losing weight, in addition to exercises focusing on the problem areas.

Protects Joints

Since you are not running on any rough terrain playing a sport that involves rough impact, your joints will not be affected. When you are playing a sport or are running on the road, immaterial of the shoes you use, your joints will suffer a little wear and tear over a period of time, due to the impact. However, while you are cycling on a stationary bike neither is there any pressure exerted nor is there any impact, thus making this very joint friendly.


Though riding a bicycle on the road can be a better exercise, you cannot do so at all times of the day, you will have to factor in the weather conditions and also your time availability. If you are a long phone call, you can attend it and cycle on this stationary bike at the same time, whereas this is not possible on a real bicycle.

Similarly, you can use this at any time of the day and can stop your workout midway, unlike a real bicycle where you will have to come back to your starting point and only stop the routine.

There are a number of exercise bikes available in the market today. Ensure you read through a few Exercise Bikes Review before you can invest in one.