Marijuana or Cannabis is an illegal drug in most of the countries and therefore, no matter, whether you are an intentional consumer or an influential consumer, your company or the workplace has every right to dismiss you from the job, for which it is necessary to understand the different ways followed to detect the presence of the drug in your body so that you could be well prepared to thwart the adversities in an unsuspecting manner.

Before we discuss the various detecting ways, it is important for you to understand that the presence of the drug in your body could be detected either by checking for the ‘parent drug’ aka the “Tetrahydrocannabinol’ or the ‘THC’ or by testing for the drug metabolites, where the latter can prove you guilty as charged even days after your actual drug usage.

  • Urine Test

Being a non-invasive and a non-expensive method this is the most commonly preferred method in the workplace to check your innocence, as it is also an accurate method that can detect the presence of the marijuana by checking the metabolites. But, thankfully there are different simple ways to camouflage the presence of drugs in the urine that can save you from facing the disapproval.

  • Blood Test

Although an expensive method, this can give the accurate result as it can detect both the THC and the metabolites, as early as few hours from the drug usage. But, if you are offered a chance then, you shouldn’t hesitate to reject this method over the others as camouflaging the presence of the drug in your blood is not possible.

  • Saliva Test

Although this test is much simpler and non-invasive, even when compared to the urine test, it can only detect the presence of the ‘parent drug’ in the body within few hours, say 4-10 hours after the usage, making it a not so reliable method.  Hence, if you can buy some time you can easily clear the test and stay away from the embarrassments.

  • Hair Test

This method can detect the presence of the marijuana in your body even approximately 3 months after the usage as it is based on testing the drug metabolites present in the hair follicles that have been filtered from the blood vessels of the scalp. But, if you are asked to test for this method in your workplace you need not worry, as this shampoo removes THC from your hair and helps you pass the test clean!