With so many articles and blogs about drugs and drug test, we should now be aware of the fact that it is the urine and the hair follicles that first speak about the presence of these harmful substances in our body. Again as specified here, these drugs need not necessarily be the harmful ones for there are also boosters and enhancers which come under this category but they are still considered drugs and people get to undergo tests for even these. So in such situations how can a person try and escape the hair test which is considered one of the most common tests conducted for detecting drugs in a person`s body? Here are few tips that would help a person in passing this test successfully.

  • First and foremost get to know the information about how and when the tests would be conducted because the detoxing methods and modes depend on the time of the test. There are methods that would help you detox your hair in less than one or two days and so it is very important to know the time of the test.
  • Next, try and check for the most commonly tested drugs. This would clarify the fact about whether a person who has been taking a particular drug would actually come under the test.
  • Based on this information try and search for methods that would help you escape and come out clean from the test with negative
  • Generally, since these drugs show their presence on the tip of the hair follicles, the ends might be cut short. This way the presence of the dug is completely taken off from the hair.

I love this technique for passing a drug test because this is very simple at the same time there is nothing that the user needs to do apart from just chopping off the ends.