Come on, you have to agree that those who workout not only look better but are healthier and more confident and even happier in most cases. What is it about exercise that once you get hooked on it you are unable to give it up. Let’s find out.

  1. Welcome, a healthy heart: When you exercise you are actually taking care of your heart and ensuring that coronary heart disease doesn’t raise its ugly hood in your life. A healthier heart means more blood circulation and more energy. It really doesn’t matter what form of workout you do as long as you are on the move constantly and are doing some exercise every day.
  2. Sleep like a baby: If you have sleep issues you must exercise because it strengthens the circadian rhythms, as a result, you not only sleep on time but also sleep long and well. A well-rested mind ushers in new confidence and greater clarity which will be visible in your work and general day to day activities.
  3. Look towards an elephantine memory: Experts state that those who exercise especially runners and swimmers have a bigger hippocampus which is an important part of the brain for memory. No more incidences of lost keys and passwords once you start a regular workout routine.
  4. Bye Bye common cold: All viruses and other diseases always attack when you have a low immunity system. When you exercise daily you are ensuring that your immune system is in peak form and can handle any attack on your system confidently and efficiently leaving you with lesser sick days and greater productivity.
  5. Runaway fatigue: It is a wrong notion that exercise induces fatigue. In reality, it is just the opposite as according to studies there is a 20% increase in energy levels even when you go for a leisurely stroll.

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