Loneliness is a punishment:

My friend Ayesha, 38 years has lived single for more than twelve years of her life. she stays in Saudi Arabia and each time we come online to chat, she says that sometimes she is so lonely that she cries herself to sleep.

Ayesha has been a divorcee and she has had no children. She did not care to get married again because she was in an active work life. A couple of years ago, Ayesha quit work to dedicate herself to social service. She works with a couple of NGOs in her city who work for the downtrodden in the community itself.

Ever since she quit her corporate job she says that she has a great satisfaction of serving the poor but when she hates coming back to an empty house. I have been trying to convince her to get married again and almost two years later she has only warmed up to the idea.

There are websites galore for Muslim men and women:

It may sound like only a recent development but a simple search exercise on the internet will throw up at least a hundred websites. The sheer number shows that there is a big number of people who are interested in marriage either for the first time or because they lost their partners to death or divorce.

It is an encouraging sign:

Muslim society is conservative but if Muslim men and women are open to the idea of using the internet and its tools to find their soul mate there is nothing and I stress nothing absolutely that is wrong with it. I have strongly recommended مواقع زواج to Ayesha and I know for sure on browsing that she may like a couple of profiles out there. They are all so interesting and the best part about the site is that it keeps the member’s information secret and confidential and the information is shared only after the expressed consent of the member. I think it is a brilliant idea. I hope Ayesha finds her soul mate here and soon!