The popularity of beards shows that beards are truly the mark of a man. They come in all shapes and sizes. Grooming your facial hair has gained more importance in the recent past than any other time in history.Maintaining a beard is important not only for looks but also to keep bread ruff away and for personal hygiene.


Curls, straight, wild or well-groomed – beards of all types need to be properly moisturized to keep the hair from becoming brittle and rough. You can moisturize your beard using a good quality beard growth oil that not only moisturizes but also conditions the skin under the beard and removes dead skin cells in the process.The oil will reduce breakage and give your beard a fuller look.Always look for natural ingredients in the beard oil and avoid silicone at all costs; it has no nutritive value and is not considered safe.

Healthy diet

Facial hair and the hair on your head require the same things to thrive – vitamin A, B1, B6, C, Biotin, Niacin, Zinc and Omega 3. You need not take supplements but eat a balanced diet with plenty of vegetables and fruits. Supplement only that which your diet doesn’t provide- especially for vegans and vegetarians who do not eat dairy and fish and meat.

Regular Grooming

It is not enough if you have a bulky bushy beard which is unruly and wild. For that attractive look, you need to ensure that the beard is uniform and neat. Hence, use a shampoo or a beard wash at least twice a week if not more regularly. Use a clipper and trimmer judiciously; begin by using a trimmer from under the neck upwards. Clip away any long or extra hair. Make sure the beard blends seamlessly with the sideburns.

And finally, remember your hair will grow at its own pace and you need to be patient. Always make sure that the style you choose suits your hair texture and length. Maintaining an attractive beard is not hard at all.