A lot of people complain of chronic knee pain which can be due to long term swelling, pain, sensitivity in the knees. Such long term knee injuries can be caused due to various conditions and for each of these conditions, a specific treatment is done. At times, you can be advised to use an adjustable knee brace as a part of treatment.

Not everyone with a chronic knee pain will have same kind of experiences.

You should not confuse chronic knee pain with a temporary knee pain because chronic knee pain does not go away so easily unless it is treated properly and there can be multiple conditions due to which the knee is suffering whereas a temporary knee pain can be caused due to an accident or some injury.

There are several factors which can worsen a long term knee injury:

  • If the structure of the knee gets injured which can result into swelling and bleeding then over a period of time it can become a chronic issue if no treatment is done on time.
  • Overuse of knees, sprains or any sort of infection can also worsen the condition.
  • While doing any physical activity, if you do not follow the right postures, even then it can impact your knee injury.
  • If you do not warm up or cool down before and after any sort of physical workout, then you will hurting your knees more.
  • Be careful while stretching the muscles because if it is not done in a proper way even then your chronic knee condition will worsen.

People suffering from obesity or overweight have higher chances of suffering from knee problems.  With every pound of being overweight, the knee has to absorb 4 pounds of extra pressure while walking, running or climbing stairs.

Also, with growing age, chances of having knee pain increases. If you already have a history of injuries even then you must be careful.