1. Importance Of Water Sanitation

Personal hygiene, sanitation and adequate intake of water are very important for a person`s healthy living. All of us are aware of the fact that more than 70% of our body is filled with water and it is this healthy circulation inside that helps in keeping our body parts and organs in a good working condition. It is important for everybody to consume water in adequate quantities and a person who follows this regularly is a disease-free person. Water has the ability and capacity to clean our body of all the unwanted particles and toxins and it aids in the purifying process greatly.

So all of are bound to consider this essential element very important. In the same way, even water sanitation is very important. Yes, proper maintenance of wastewater is important which would actually help and enable the healthy living of people in an environment. Safety and hygiene are important not only at home but also in the society we live in and as human beings, it is our responsibility to see to that it is done appropriately at the correct time. It is also believed that a healthy living paves way for a healthy community and improves and builds resilience. There are many countries who have understood the importance of hygiene and sanitation and they have already launched projects in taking care of all these making their country a better place to live in for their citizens. And there are still countries who are at the other extreme end with acute water shortages. This situation has to change and it will change if we as human beings join hands and bring about a change in the society through our small and concerned acts in preserving water and maintaining our personal hygiene. So let us take an oath today to do this for a better tomorrow.