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Reasons Why You Need BCAAs

Soon after you start your weight training routine, the first thing you would change about your lifestyle is your diet. You would be taking protein-rich diet to help rebuild the muscle and make them strong. But along with other protein supplements, you would also be advised to take BCAA amino acids supplements. These are branched-chain amino acids. Here are the factors that emphasize the significance of consuming BCAA supplements along with your weight lifting exercises:

  • The amino acids found in the BCAAs would directly be absorbed into the muscle tissues. The muscles tissues that are worn out during resistance exercises would benefit from these amino acids which can also be broken down to release energy.
  • The better immune system is something that has been associated with the consumption of BCAAs. For all the strain that your muscles and the body, on the whole, undergoes during a heavy workout session, your immune system should be efficient in handling the stress and to recover the strained and damaged muscles. This will help you bounce back and resume your workouts with a lot more energy. If you are finding it difficult to rebuild the damaged muscles, then it is probably due to a weaker immune system and the lack of the essential amino acids in your body.
  • For longer and more intense training sessions that involve a lot of endurance exercises, taking a proper dosage of BCAA supplement would ensure that you get the desired results in a quicker time period. This would help by working on the muscles and the muscle strength from the inside.
  • One main concern for any body builder is the loss of lean muscle mass during any period of inactivity due to any reason- say illness or injury. Intake of BCAA during this period would help preserve the lean muscle mass and ensure that your body and the muscle mass stays healthy so you can continue from where you left once you are again fit to start your regular resistance routine.